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cancermatt said:
Around here (except for Rob and I who stuck it out on the board), everyone hates Invasion. I have liked it from the start, but really really like it now. To all the haters who do nothing but boast of deleting the SP, they're missing out. It's got direction, but you're out of the loop. To some, that's fine. I'm enjoying it without them. :)
I was about five episodes behind, but I got caught up this weekend and am glad I did. This is a good show, and it's really starting to move. I'll be watching along with you and Rob.

jamesbobo said:
The ratings for Invasion have been falling steadily since its premiere. Don't be surprised if it is cancelled, although no official announcement has been made (as far as I know).
Um, well, the only announcement about the show so far is that ABC picked it up for the full season...
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