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snathanb said:
You have a lifetime contract for service on that box. .

I think it's unreasonable and a sign of financial desperation that TIVO allows lifetime subscriptions to be transferred to new boxes.
uumm the other lifetime transfer offer was basically 100$ for a DT box and 199$ to transfer a lifetime that was older than 4 years. So TiVo already depreciated those lifetime's off the books. With this they get people off of S1 which relies on expensive to maintain dialup and can not participate in broadband features like renting UNBOX videos. Seems savvy to me to sell some DTs, drop off sme more dailup customers and make money on old lifetime subs. what is so desperate about that?

The other offer of moving a lifetime after buying an 800$ S3 also seemed to make a nice chunk of cash off of each sale. Again what is desperate about meking some good money?

and in all of it - the customers who do the deal are happy becasue they got to upgrade their lifetimed hardware. How can a win/win be desperate?
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