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Hello all, my SD DirecTiVO is zippered and had 6.2 on it. I downloaded 6.2a slices and used slicer to install them.
Now of course my 30 sec. skip isn't working.
I have edited the tivoapp file in the past so I know how to do that. I cannot however, find the values I need to enter. I looked, I swear. Proverbial needle in the internet haystack. Someone will disgustedly include the link I'm sure. :)
But isn't there anyway to snag a piece of rbautch's zipper or enhancement script and run just the 30 second skip part?
I looked at them and can't find any sort of reference to 6.2a in them.

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Thats because it is set by superpatch (the one for 6.2a). I remember seeing when 6.2a came out a lot of tivo app patches were flying around over at DDB you might look over there for a bit.
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