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Upgrading Hughes HDVR2 with 250GB hard drive

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I have a HDVR2 that I have upgraded previously with a second 80GB hard drive. I have acquired a 250GB drive to replace that one. I am running software release 6.2 on the TiVo. Will the large drive work? Will it require any software changes?
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just make sure you are using a boot CD with LBA48 support and you will be fine. 6.2 has large drive support built in.
I do not have the boot CD. How do I get one
5 bucks from ptvupgrade.com
look for lba48 enhanced cd.
Thanks. Do I need the boot CD if I am installing the new drive internal in the HDVR2 box.
you prep the disk for tivo use in a PC.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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