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upgraded my hard drive...

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please help! i decided that i wanted to upgrade my series 2 2tuner tivo that has a 80gig harddrive to a 300gig harddrive.... so i followed Hinsdale's instructions and since it was a single drive unit, i wanted to copy everything from my 80g drive to my 300g drive...

i proceeded to use the dd command : dd if=/dev/hdc of=/dev/hdb bs=1024k

then i plugged in my new 300 gig drive into my tivo and booted up.. .it worked.. but the problem is, when you go into settings and system info, it still says ~80hours variable...

am i missing something??? it's a 300 gig drive.. thanks!!
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kyleknicks said:
am i missing something??? it's a 300 gig drive.. thanks!!
Yep, All you did is make a binary copy of the original dirve you need to run mfsadd with the -x option on the new drive and probably need an -r 4.

The Hinsdale method is out of date. You should start over and use the new MFSLive CD http://mfslive.com there are a couple of major bug fixes that were in the original MFSTools2 code. Another reason to start over is you should increase the swap partition to at least 127M just to be safe if the TiVo needs to re-index all those additional recordings you are going to have.
got it to work!! more than 300 hours on my tivo now!
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