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Upgrade Mom's system to HD?

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I'm having trouble finding this info, so I thought I'd just ask. My mom just got a new HDTV, and she wants to upgrade DirecTV to HD (but not a PVR). She's out of contract. I'm aware of the new LNB dish that must be installled with the new HD programming that will be available in the future.

Is it best for her to call customer retention to get a good deal? My local warehouse club has DirecTV HD service with an HD receiver and free install for about $85 which seems like a good deal to me. The PVR is $249, but mom doesn't want the PVR.

Any help, or pointing to the right link would be appreciated.

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http://www.directv.com would be your best bet.
Currently the non-DVR HD DirecTV receiver is the H20 model (with the H21 incoming soon).
I looked through directv.com: I was just wondering if there were better options.
Not for existing customers. The deals you see adverstised are ones to attract new customers. Your best bet is to call (or actually have your mother call since it is her account) and ask. There are a few threads here and the HD DirecTivo section detailing the process and the outcomes.

call on behalf of mom and say you're going to cable. they'll pony up a high def system for 100 bucks
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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