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Hello all,

I've been lurking for quite a while and am about to start the upgrade process for my Series 2 DirecTivo. After collecting all the info y'all have been so kind as to post, I wanted to post the plan to make sure I don't have any put of date info / make sure I'm not going to screw anything up. I hope that's OK.

Current tivo: Stock Series 2 DirecTivo Hughes HDVR2, running 6.2x

I want to
A) upgrade the HD to a 250GB one
B) keep the original drive as my backup
C) run the various hacks on the 250GB

I've downloaded the InstantCake CD just in case things go awry, the WeaKness LBA and the PTV LBA boot CDs and made a Zipper Tivo Tools CD with all of the additional downloads required from the instructions. I also have a twinbreeze bracket I'll be installing once it's open... I don't plan on putting in a 2nd hard drive right now but may later. I'll be using a spare linux box to do the upgrade.

So my steps as I see them are
1. pull the stock drive, put it into the Linux box with the new 250GB drive and boot off the Weakness LBA CD
2. Run MFSTools 2.0 to backup -> restore to the new drive as follows:
mfsbackup -Tao - [stock 40GB drive] | mfsrestore -s 127 -r 4 -xzpi - [blank 250GB drive]
(I figure 127 should be good for swap with the 250GB drive... I'll probably have to up that later should I add another drive, correct? Would it be easier to just do that now?)
3. Go get some coffee while the full backup is going on
4. Yank the stock 40GB drive, file away
5. Install and test the 250GB drive in the Tivo, make sure it's working correctly and showing the right size
6. If all checks out, yank the 250GB from the tivo, put it back in the linux box
7. Boot off PTV or Weaknees LBA boot CDs
8. After boot, pull the
9. follow Gunny / rbautch's instructions to enable the hacks I'd like

I've already tested to make sure all the CDs boot. I think all I need to do now is go ahead and start swapping drives and running scripts.

If I've missed anything or something looks off above, I'd sincerely appreciate any information. Thanks to all those who have posted information previously and to those who take the time to give this a once over.


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