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Has Tivo stopped updating Series 3s? Premieres just got a Hulu+ update while my Series 3 is still awaiting a long overdue fix to various Netflix bugs.
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Features added to the Premiere have nothing to do with updates to the S3.
You received an update a couple of months ago that made Netflix crash your machine less... Tivo in the past has generally only put out updates every 6 months or so...
I understand that features added to the Premiere have nothing to do with updates to S3. I was just wondering if Tivo stills views updating S3 as a priority. Netflix on Tivo may crash less than it used to but it is still, by far, the worst implementation out of all the systems it is available on.
It depends on what you mean by priority. I wouldn't expect to see many new features added (although there could be some). I would expect the implementation to change much either. Generally, I would expect the priority for the system is most likely to do bug fixes and when code can be easily backported then you might see a new feature. However, I wouldn't expect to see a whole lot of change.

As for Netflix, I actually really like the Netflix implementation over the Sony one that my in-laws have. The search on the Tivo is so much more useful (the Sony one's search sucks). However, I agree that it lacks two things. 1. The ability to add a show/movie to the instant queue. 2. A browse option for finding new shows (instead of search). For me those features are not deal breakers though...
I'm not holding my breath for new TivoHD features... they're probably working over time trying to figure out what features they can add to the Premiere that might actually motivate us Series3 users to upgrade.
New Features won't get me to upgrade.
TiVo needs to finish the basics first before I'll upgrade.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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