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Update 9.1 FF and IR Problems

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I have had the 9.1 software update on my Series 3 for three days and have noticed one new affect since it was installed.

When viewing an HD channel, if I hit Instant Replay (IR) the picture freezes for at least one second, then jumps back to where it should. This is unusual, but no big deal.

The second (and seemingly related) issue is much more annoying. When I press FF and then stop it with Play, the picture freezes for one second before skipping back. When I use 2X or 3X FF this really is annoying since the skip back is designed (properly) to be much further.

For instance if I am watching a football game and a commercial comes on I normally hit FF 3 times until the game comes back on, then hit play. Tivo would then jump back several seconds to the very end of the commercial. But now, before the skipback occurs the picture freezes for 1 to 1.5 seconds, revealing something I don't want to see yet.

Anyone else have this problem?

BTW it happens on analog programs also, although much more briefly.

p.s. I know that I can use the 30 sec skip instead, but I've used this technique (very comfortably) for six years.
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Interestingly I don't have this problem when playing back recordings made before the software upgrade. Only on Live TV and recent recordings.
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