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Well after ordering this 300gb drive which arrived in 3 days well packed in foam lined box. Included was a 10 page instruction manual, and the special screwdriver.
all went well and total installation time was 10 minutes, plus the downloading time for the new data, my thanks to Steve Conrad, Bindlemon, and Automan for their input, so now the next thing is to tackle my Tivo,but will get another 300GB from the same source, as when I did my sums it's as follows.
1. New 300GB bare drive between £91 and £95, plus special screwdriver,1.diskette,1cd Rom Disk + time and perhaps problems.
I think that the preconfigued 300GB Seagate drive at £111 post free is well worth it, as it will only cost me an extra £16 to £20 subject to supplier , and no problems.
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