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unscheduled tv shows on Premiere

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I have for the past two days had tv shows showing up on my to do list without reason. I gave each one 3 thumbs down and deleted them. The next day they show up again. I checked my season pass manager. Suggestions have always been turned off. Still are. Rebooted twice. Nothing helps. Called TIVO support they had never heard of the problem.
I have other HD units and a series3. It only occurs on my Premiere unit.
Any ideas?
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does anyone have your MAC or tivo account log in? So one could be scheduling them online and screwing with you or from their mobile phone.

They could also be web season passes, did anyone go into any of the misc web videos and sign up for a sp?
Don't imagine anyone knows my TIVO sign in. Although I suppose I could change if nothing else works.

These are not web videos. They are old tv reruns. They all seem to be shows I would never watch. Mostly sitcoms which I don't care for. So, they're not shows I would ever schedule. Whats interesting is there's no new shows. Wierd...
try looking at your wish lists too, maybe something there might be picking up these shows?
deleted all wishlists before. no help
Guru guides?
Last resort, go nuclear and choose the delete everything option.
Do you have any autorecording wishlists? Those can often catch 'extra' hits (I think there are names of people in extra data that the UI doesn't show us, for example).
Take a look at your todo list. Each item has icons in front of them to indicate the reason the program is on the list. What does it show for the shows you don't want recorded?

If you disconnect the TiVo from the LAN, or however it makes its daily calls, do new items appear? Did you uncheck the option that allows network remote control?

I figure there is at least as good a chance that someone is playing a practical joke on you as that there is a bug or database corruption.
There are two check marks as if they came from my season pass manager which I have checked many times. I have suggestions turned off. The only person who has access to my private viewing bedroom is my wife. It's not her doing it.

The one constant about the recordings is they are all old reruns:Sex and theCity;Frasier;Supranos;Law and Order victims unit;Ugly Betty;30 Rock;etc. and the list goes on. None seem to be current shows? They are all shows which are being rerun.
HULUPLUS maybe? I just saw an intro video for huluplus that advertised some on the same unwanted shows that I'm getting scheduled??
I have three Premieres. This "mystery recording" issue only happens on one unit. Keep deleting these recordings, checking that the suggestion recording option is turned off and that these shows are not in my season pass mgr. Nothing seems to help. So why does this happen and why on only one unit? BTW, the unit it does happen on is a purchased unit with a lifetime subscription. The other two are rented on the TiVo special pricing 12 month "rent to own" plan.

And, as there's at least two of us having this problem, I'm sure that there are many more experiencing it. Hard to understand TiVo saying they've never heard of this! More great customer support.
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