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So i have been trying to get unboxed to work. I got to Amazon.com order a movie and tell it to go to my TiVo. It never shows up! The first time i tried was back in April. I emailed customer service to get a refund and this is what i was told

Thank you for writing to us about returning "The Game." I am very
sorry for any misunderstanding; however, as indicated on the product
detail page, at the time of purchase, and in the Amazon Unbox Terms
of Use, Amazon Unbox videos are not refundable.

In researching both this order and your recent order for "Die Hard"
I see that we have been unable to make a connection with your TiVo
DVR for downloading.
My tivo is correctly connected to the net via a wired ethernet adapter. It connects to the Tivo service fine. My account has the Tivo checked off for Media downloads. Anyone else have problems or a solution?

Specs of Setup
Tivo: Toshiba RS-TX20
Network: Netgear USB Wired ethernet adapter (i think its netgear, might be Linksys)
Internet: FIOS 20mbps down / 5 mbps up
TV: Vizio 42" Plasma (not that it matters)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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