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Unable to find music folder sometimes

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I have 3 Tivos hooked up to my network and have been able to transfer between them all for a while.

I also have folders shared for music and photos on two different PCs. A couple times this week, however, none of my TiVos can find my music folder.

I go into the Tivo Desktop and make sure I have my Music folder selected. I have also removed "My Music" as I don't keep anything in there.

However, when I go to any of my TiVos and select my media box and browse for music, it shows "My Music" and nothing else. When this happened yesterday I went into the TiVo desktop and removed the folder and re-added it and this seemed to work.

I can still transfer between any of the machines and I'm having no problems with recording. As I write this, I checked my photos and it's doing the same thing - only displaying the default folder on the machine, not my real photo folder I have selected to share.

I've rebooted my PC and made sure everything is OK with the TiVo desktop.

Any ideas?!
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OK. I think I fixed this. I had the TiVo desktop running on two separate PCs. I've been doing this for a while and have had no problems. However, I rarely access the files on one of the PCs, so I decided to remove the TiVo desktop from that PC. As soon as I did this, my proper folders from the other PC showed up just fine.
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