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Umm, why is this in my discovery bar?

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That doesn't say starship troopers. My wife and I don't even have a channel that sort of show would appear on. Honest. (if I had my way we would)

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There is a thread about this here. TiVo has already addressed it, but it may take some time to clear the cache.

Because you watch pr0n? J/K
How did you guess? :eek::eek:
h2oskierc said:
How did you guess? :eek::eek:
"Sluts Love Sluts: All Girl Sex" kinda gives it away.
So what do I need to watch to get that to show up in my discovery?
The TiVo is pretty smart, so I would watch something that involves girls. And other girls. :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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