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UI function pauses between actions

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Frequently, I encounter a spinning circle between actions, such as deleting a show or some other similar action. Without putting a sniffer on the network line, this behavior seems to indicate that for some (if not most) UI actions, the firmware is reaching out to an external server to record the action data. The latter part would be pretty silly, considering network lag and other factors and would be best reserved for later times, during low use.

Anyone else having this problem? Or is this related to something else connected to the Bolt itself. I ask because my first Bolt was defective and this is a replacement -- the first one had a bad SSD drive.
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Sometimes when TiVo’s servers are acting up this is a symptom. Is your network 100% solid?
Yes, I have really fast network bandwidth here, and I'm the only user. I did experience similar symptoms with the first Bolt, which was also overheating (defective). Personally I think the Bolt is a terrible design.
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