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Note that the color scheme and backgrounds also vary by manufacturer, at least with the US Series 1s.

My Philips recorder has only one animation throughout, and has colors similar to the scrheenshots on PVR Compare (I can't link directly because of the frames, but I'm looking at the screenshots linked to on the "TiVo vs. Replay TV" page) :
TiVo Central: green (same artwork as PVR Compare screenshot)
Now Playing: Red (same color as PVR Compare screen but text simply reads "Now Playing")
Showcases: purple
TiVo's Suggestions page: purple
Pick Programs to Record: green
Messages and Setup: yellow-orange

However my Sony SVR-2000 has different animations and sometimes different colors:
TiVo Central is blue with star-like animation in background
Now Playing is green with rotating film reel
Showcases page has purple keyboard with TiVo guy on some keys
Pick Programs to Record has same keyboard in blue
Messages and Setup: yellow-orange with rotating gears

It's quite useful to have such different backrounds on both; it makes it simple to tell the two apart when I am setting things up for Save to VCR (both TiVos are connected to the same VCR).

The Philips also has a banner at the beginning of the TiVo Guy movie at startup, and has text that says "Philips" in the lower right hand corner of TiVo Central.

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