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UGH! Pls walk me thru playing .avi on S2 using winavi...

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Gosh! I thought I was getting savier the more I used tivo, but unfortunately this is not the case. I rarely use Tivo desktop, but would now like to watch some of my .avi (divx) files on tv. I read some posts in this forum and ended up going with winavi (tried pytivo- didnt understand what I was doing).
Ok, so I take my .avi and convert it to mpeg2 via winavi. In winavi, I unchecked "keep original size", made screen 720/480.
Unfortunately, when I try to playback on tivo I get a jumping picture with white lines going through it.
The one thing I noticed is that the "Tivo Recordings" folder in my pc shows the files as "Nero media player files". Is there any way to disable/remove this?
Also, are there any other settings I should tweak in winavi? I'm using TD 2.5 and WinXp.
All help is much appreciated - Thanks much! :)
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Might I suggest Videora. My favorite converter by far! (And it's free)
The reason I was hesitant to go with Videora was due to conversion speed. I figured winavi would be faster.
Make that 3 for Videora. If that's the route you want to go. If your computer can handle the on-the-fly conversion (or if you're willing to transfer a show/movie a couple of hours in advance of watching it), I'd say check out Tivo.Net.
Well, you could also upgrade to TD 2.5 Plus, which allows on the fly conversion of divx and xvid files. Videora converts movies for me faster then a 1:1 ratio, so a two hour movie usually converts in about an hour to an hour and a half.
Ok, well I installed Videora and converted all of my files. You uys were correct it was very easy.
Now I have a 2nd problem: The entire file is not xfering. I've successfully xfered 1 file to the tivo and it shows up in NPL, but when I go to do a 2nd file it only downloads about 2 secs. I have lots of hd space so wanted to keep the files to watch later.

Edited for additional questions:
Now I get the msg "added to TD list will start xfer after previou xfer completes" , but there is no previous xfer.
- can xfers take place when a show is being recorded from tv?
- if I'd like to xfer like 6 videos, is there a way to queue them to auto xfer 1 after th other?
- does the desktop program have to be running for a xfer to complete or is the server enough?

I've had some minor issues with transferring files. Sometimes you have to restart tivo to get them working again.
You mean power it off from the back etc?
Stylin said:
You mean power it off from the back etc?
No, go into the menu and select restart tivo.
Messages and Settings -> Restart or Reset Tivo -> Restart The Tivo DVR

You have to hit Thumbs up 3 times then enter. You have to wait like 5 mins for it to totally happen, and you lose 30 second skip (if enabled). My Tivo always seems much faster after a restart.
I notice these transferring problems if you try to transfer a program before it is fully transcoded, or if you delete a file while it is being transferred over. I think network errors can also screw it up. It has happened to me all of two times, and I've done it hundreds of times so it is rare.
Thanks for sticking this out with me. I did restart from th menu, and still no luck. The movies were/are definitely all transcoded via Videora, but still it is only xfering 1 sec of the movie. The 1st one went throughno issues, but the remaining 6 are all having the same prolbem! I am so frustrated! I'm tempted to just burn the files to dvd, but I'd really like to learn how to fi this as it's a feature I'd like to use heavily in the future.
Hmmmmm - I am not sure what is going on. Have you tried using Galleon instead of TD? I know that is not a real solution, but at least you might get it working better then tivo desktop.
I have galleon installed, but of course I'm now having config issues- gosh! I just want the dang stuff to xfer. Maybe I'll try tivodotnet or post this as a seperate issue.
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