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Ty Murray's Celebrity Bull Riding Challange

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I saw a preview for this while watching that Scott Baio show on VH1.


Here are the "stars":

The nine courageous guys who are stepping up to take on the challenge are musician Vanilla Ice, actor Stephen Baldwin, actor/musician Leif Garrett, actor Dan "Nitro" Clark, actor Francesco Quinn, former football star "Rocket" Ismail, Ultimate Fighter Josh Haynes, X-Games motorcycle legend "Cowboy" Kenny Bartram and Survivor reality star Jon "Jonny Fairplay" Dalton.

Weird thing was that when I went to setup a SP it showed it playing on CMT, tvland, spke, and vh1 but the commercial said "exclusively on CMT"....

Give me a show with Rob Van Winkle AND Jonny Fairplay and I'm there!
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I'm quite the Vanilla Ice fan myself...I saw the show advertised the other day and haven't been able to bring myself to set up a recording of it.
Won't be the train wreck that VH1's Celebrity Rehab though.
I've got a good friend who's nuts about bull riding. We're going to a PBA event in Grand Rapids in September....looking forward to it!
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