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Two Tivos..one tv..2 remotes?

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Good afternoon,
Since upgrading one of my tvs to HD and getting an HDTivo I now have my old series 1 directivo box sitting disconnected. Was wondering if I can connect it to watch whatever I have recorded on there to either my HD tv or my other sd tv that already has another series 1 tivo on it. Just wondering if using the remote for the old one would mess around the tivo thats already there. Just curious. The non connected one is a Phillips and the sd directivo is a Hughes.


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If you TV has enough inputs, you can connect as many DirecTivos as you want. The ones that aren't connected to the sat signal will still play what they have recorded. I have a Hughes GXCEBOT connected to record my SD programs and an HR10-250 to record my HD programs. Both are connected to a Mitsu HDTV. And yes, one remote will control both receivers at the same time unless you change the remote address.

If one or both are set to address "0", yes. They each need to be changed from address "0" to one from 1-9.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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