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Two DVRs

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I hope this is not a repost...

I have a SD Tivo and finnally snagged a HR10-250 off of ebay, all I really wanted was local HD anyway so I'm not worried about the upcomming changes. (I have a HD antenna.)

I'm putting the HD Tivo on my Sony Wega and planning on getting another HD tivo soon but in the mean time going to plug my SD Tivo into a projector I have in the other room.

Now with two DVRs plugged in and running how is the recording aspect going to work?

Should I schedule both to record the same thingsm are they going to fight for recording rights or what? Can I transfer shows between Tivos.

... Flame on!!
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If you want a certain recording available on both DirecTivos, then you will need to schedule that recording on both of them. You cannot transfer shows from one to the other. They will not "fight" for "recording rights".
Like litzdog said, they won't "fight" for anything. They are two completely idependent receivers.

My HR10-250 records only HD shows. My GXCEBOT records the SD version of certain HD shows as a backup since my local NBC has had problems in the past. The GXCEBOT also records shows that are available in SD only. And if I see a conflict between 3 HD shows, I'll pick up the 3rd show in SD on the GXCEBOT. Both are connected to my Mitsubish 55" and the HR10-250 is also connected to my Panasonic projector. A Harmony 880 controls the receivers and rest of the equipment in each room.

I've got 3 DVRs, some have 6 or more. There isn't any problem.
Ok, so if I can't transfer shows to and from can I just schedule the same shows on both? and choose which to watch?
cwl said:
Ok, so if I can't transfer shows to and from can I just schedule the same shows on both? and choose which to watch?
Correct. You can schedule the exact same shows on each DirecTivo. They are totally independent DVRs and have no idea what other equipment is connected to your satellite cables.
Just like having 2 VCRs. They are their own self contained recorder.
Cool, Thanks for the info. Ok, one more question...

I'm going to reset the new box before I start. Is there a way to copy all my settings? (Such as the Season passes, my favorites you know the thumbs up and thumbs down info)
Two ways to do that.
1) Display the settings and record on tape or
2) Use paper and pencil.

Thumbs settings can't be transferred.
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