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Two and a Half Men 9/24/07 (Spoilers)

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I watched the premiere of Two and a Half and was very disappointed. Too much emphasis on a silly plot involving the kid. No quick repartee. The rash subplot was disgusting. The road rage incident, ridiculous.

Yikes, I say cut the emphasis on the kid, bring back more Berta and Mom for the rest of the season.

The shows now in syndication seemed funnier.
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Haven't watched this show much (probably seen fewer than 10 episodes), but I watched this one and enjoyed it. I've hated the ones with the mom in them, and I don't really like the housekeeper either, so I guess we just have different tastes.
I don't like their mom but I like Berta and maybe now that Drive is cancelled they will bring back Rose.

Oh and this show is all about how much eye candy they can parade through. That alone in HD is worth it.
I like MOM and Berta, any adult show with too much kid is bad. I like the boy (Jake??) in small doses. I feel the same way with The New Adventures with Old Christine, I like the episodes with only two or three seconds with the kid in them.
I agree with the OP, this episode was really not very good. Hopefully it will pick up from here.
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