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Twin Peaks S1E6 -- Cooper's Dream

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Let's pack a lunch, we're going to take a walk in the woods,

So, we're finding evidence of Laura's sexual pecadillos.

That Billy gets around.

The log lady! I heard of her.

More chips from One Eyed Jacks.

I have pie and coffee.
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Uh-oh, he's watching again. Time to catch up. ;)

Wow, that Audrey's sumthin' else. Of course, bossman could have called in his secretary, then hopped on the phone with Daddy.

Log Lady! That whole scene was great.

Hank... "Can I finish my coffee first?"

When I grow up, I wanna be like Jerry Horne. The dude loves his food.

Poor, poor Leo. Can we be rip off Psycho just a tad bit more?

OK, I'm done. :)

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