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TWC - NYC lineup problem

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Hi there,

Long (since 1998!) time Tivo owner here -- Sony Series 1 Lifetime, Time Warner Cable, New York City.

All of a sudden the other day my lineup got all messed up. Nothing has changed with the service that I'm aware of and I didn't get a "lineup changed" message in my system messages.

I only get 1-59, 1903-1910 now. That's a lot of missing channels. I went to the lineup options and my digital basic extended is still selected. I forced a daily update for three days in a row now hoping that it would just get cleared up, but no luck.

What can I do?
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Yikes, I wait 10 years to join the forum (actually I'm pretty sure I was on and semi-active in the old version of this) and suffer the indignity of the first rule of tech support.

Yes, the reboot fixed my problem. Thanks very much.
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