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tuning adapter / USB input question

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Folks...I've had a Roamio with a tuning adapter running perfectly for about ten months now...until today. I came home and was getting the "you need a firmware update from your tv provider" warning and yes, the TA was down.

After switching tuning adapter, cables, and whatnot out with no success, I finally plugged the cable into the other USB port, the upper one. Can I assume that a USB port has failed? The Tivo reported that it could see the TA, but that they were not talking properly.

Somewhere in the back of my (usually faulty) memory, I seem to remember someone telling me that one of these two USB ports was preferable to the other. That, of course, makes NO sense whatsoever to me.

Any thoughts? Thanks! Mike Nassour
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Could be a failed USB port.
But with a tuning adapter in the mix. There can be problems that do not make sense.

Possible permanent fix for S03 error

From link above......
But, then I discovered something about tuning adapters when I was adding a new one to a different Tivo. It appears there is a VERY specific sequence of steps that need to be done in order to "properly" boot up a tuning adapter:

1) Power off the TA
2) Disconnect the USB cable from the TA
3) Power on the tuning adapter
4) Wait until the green LED turns solid on or solid off (this could take 5+ mins, so be patient while the green LED is blinking).
5) If off, then press the front button to turn it solid on (if the LED is already solid on, then press the front button to turn it off, then again to turn it back solid on.
6) Now connect the usb cable to the TA
7) The TiVo should display a message that it sees the TA
8) Enjoy! (Note: it may take up to 10-15 minutes for you to be able to receive all your subscribed channels)
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Thanks so much for that! I've printed it out and will keep it with my Tivo stuff.

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