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Tuner adapter Optimum

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August 2020 optimum in CT changed the way they provide service. I need a tuner adapter to work with my Tivo. However, Optimum does not supply Tuner adapters to their customers. I was on a 3 way conversation tonight with Tivo and Optimum, the Optimum representative told me to try Amazon.com for an adapter. The Tivo representative stated that other cable providers carry the Tuner Adapters and provide them to the customers. Optimum does not do that. Tivo will not help with this and the cable company has done all they can. Optimum suggested I replace my Tivo with their cable box
Can anyone tell me what tuner adapter make and model they are using and where I can get one?
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Find one of their Optimum stores and get it there. Although you have to go there personally.
Or try calling again and getting another agent. I have found with similar situations different agents have different answers - going to a store is a good idea also
I have complained through the FCC and BBB and was contacted by Optimum. They will give me a $35 credit for my troubles.... However they will not support Tivo anymore. If I want to get the missing channels I need to replace my Tivo with a cable box.
I guess it is the beginning of the end for Tivo....
I just went through hell with Optimum to get a repaired Bolt paired. It took 9 attempts over 4 days but eventually, I found someone who did the pairing.

I don't need a tuner adapter but I'll share this in case it helps other Optimum users (god knows, we have to help each other because Altice sure won't help us).

It started because HGTV was freezing. I thought I would try re-seating the cable card in the Bolt but a few minutes later, the hard disk failed (four lights and no Tivo signal). I easily installed a new hard disk (from Weaknees) but then the problems started. The first Optimum rep. said she knew how to do the binding but after an hour, I had only a handful of channels (mostly OTA channels plus TCM, ESPN and HGTY). She said the rest would come in after 24 hours. They didn't. I tried Optimum's chat lines and phone calls. Some of the calls ended with them saying that I should call a different number: it turned out to be Tivo's customer support. One call ended with them saying that they don't have the tools to do it. After going on the record in a chat message that I would be switching to FIOS if this couldn't be resolved, I was told a supervisor would call within 8 hours. They actually called and started the binding. It was working fine after 20 minutes.

I imagine this will be the last run -- I've had Tivo with Optimum/Cablevision for over 12 years. If the Tivo breaks again, I don't think I'll have the patience to go through this again. But I will quite Optimum and go to FIOS. I hate the Optimum DVR interface.
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It did take an unusually protracted effort to get my Edge paired with a CableCard I had from an older TiVo. Overseas support kept insisting I get a new one from Best Buy or Amazon. (These geniuses were the same ones who told me get a Tuning Adapter from them as well.) Frustrating them enough gave me a second-tier support, who was smart enough to find someone with the correct “tools” to pair the Card.

Given FiOS seems to still be TiVo-friendly, I don’t blame you for moving. Oh well. Please let us know if Optimum Retention suddenly becomes more prompt with your needs when you make them aware you’re quitting!
One other avenue to try to get Optimum support is Twitter. When I was in the middle of my recent hellish experience getting the cable card paired I had posted a request for help to the Twitter account at https://twitter.com/OptimumHelp (you need to have a Twitter account to try this). Typical for Optimum, it took them 6 days to even reply and by then I had resolved the issue. But it could be worth a try.
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