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This same thing happened to me--in my case it ran for nearly 24 hours before I power cycled.

But now I've been having all sorts of intermittent problems:

1. First transfer started out OK, but then it crapped out in the middle; seems that TiVo couldn't find the gateway all of a sudden.
2. Configured TCP/IP settings manually, did a soft reboot, and that solved the problem.
3. Did one transfer today--went flawlessly but slow (2.4 Mb/s over an 801.2b network). Then the second transfer crapped out halfway through.
4. Checked the TiVo, it said it lost the gateway again. I reentered everything, then did a soft reboot, now it says it can't find the wireless network (even though I know its there--my laptop works fine in that room).

Edit: Now it's working again, after power cycling my access point. TiVo "continued" the transfer by starting over. Gee, thanks. :-(

Any ideas? Could the update not have "taken" properly? Or worse yet, maybe the update happened correctly but it's buggy?

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