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I also have a mini that, on the Downgrade screen won't respond to / accept any thumbsdown key presses to downgrade.
Remote can be in IR , RF mode - the front light blinks indicating a keypress is sensed.

I've opened a support ticket.
I'd encourage others with this to open tickets as well.

Reading back over this thread, there a big gap between 2021 February - when downgrades started working again / were fixed
and 2021 November when downgrading was broken again.

I think my symptoms are slightly different from late the 2020 issues - I've yet to see the "blue dog".

Roamio OTA downgraded to 20.7.4d.RC15-846060846
Roamio has connected to Tivo several times, rebooted etc.

Mini A93 is at 21.11.1.v7-A93-6-A93 -
this forum and support.tivo.com 's release notes says this was released in Dec 2021

Did a reset, went through the setup / enter a zip code -- connects to the tivo service
Mostly the mini says I need to Downgrade.
about 1 in 10 times the highlighted menu says "Downgrade & repeat Guided Setup".

Both devices have Network Remote Control set to Allowed.

I luckily had a spare Mini A93 that was still on TE3 -- That updated to the Dec 2021 TE3 software and is working with my Roamio.

Does anybody know why the downgrade was working back in February, and now none of can downgrade? This is really irritating. I have 3 minis that I can't use right now because I can't downgrade.

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TLDR timeline for this thread -

Downgrades were fixed sometime after February 2021,
and continued to work through / beyond May 2021.
Sometime between May 2021 and November 2021, downgrades were broken in a different way -
not accepcting the thumbsdown x3

More dates and events at bottom of this post.

Can others with the
Mini not accepthing Thumbs Down x3 to downgrade
update our Tivo support tickets with each other's case numbers?
My Case No. 10445075

That symptom /software glitch with not accepting the Thumbs is might be a different issue than the Blue Dog connection error from last year..

Unplugging the ethernet cable allows the remote to access the menu, to check firmware info, get to the network Menu, force a connection etc.
After reconnecting the ethernet cable, you have about a minute before the The mini forces you into the downgrade menu.
My mini seems to be keeping up with TE4 updates.

Firmware release dates best guess based on community threads here
-- assuming v21 is Tivo Experience v4 (TE4) , and v20 is old User Interface (TE3)

DatePost in this ThreadForum HandleEvent
Oct 6, 2020 TE4 21.10.1v11
Nov 13, 20201V7GooseTrying to Move Mini from TE4 host to a TE3 Host
Jan 20, 2021TE3 20.7.4d.RC8 released
Jan 20, 2021lhvetinariTE4 21.10.2.v9
Feb 10, 2021207CinciDVRdog chewing cable problem fixed
Feb 10, 2021TE4 21.10.2.v11
Feb 13, 2021217V7GooseThread starter reports downgrade works, Tivo reports case closed
March 11, 2021TE4 21.10.2.v13
Mar 18, 2021TE3 20.7.4d.RC13 released
May 14, 2021TE4 21.10.2.v18
May 17, 2021221Mini downgrade still working
July 8, 2021TE4 21.10.2.v20
August 17, 2021TE4 21.10.2.v21
Nov 24, 2021TE3 20.7.4d.RC15 released
Nov 24, 2021222rvTivoDowngrade broken again - Mini does not accept Thumbbs Down x3
Dec 2, 2021TE4 21.11.1.v7
Dec 17, 2021225SportsNutMini does not accept Thumbbs Down x3
Dec 23, 2021233getsideways58Mini does not accept Thumbbs Down x3
Jan 7, 2022228NachoManMini does not accept Thumbbs Down x3
Jan 12, 2022235AayMini does not accept Thumbbs Down x3 - Case No. 10445075

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Anyone with a TE4 mini see it update to 21.11.1.v9 -- And is the downgrade still getting stuck at Thumbsdown x3 ?
(I don't have access to my TE4 mini - sent it to relatives in another city)

Tivo took 4 months to fix it the first time downgrading was broken in 2020 - 2021.
So I'm hoping for 6 to 8 months given TE3 is de-emphasized

The known issue page has the Mini downgrade problem documented/ acknowledged..
<sarcasm > so ... progress? </sarcasm >

Tivo Article Number 000003770 - Known Issues
Modified Date 4/4/2022 10:08 AM
TiVo Mini (prefix A92/A93) may not able to downgrade to TiVo Experience 3TiVo Experience 3Workaround:
  • Retain the current TiVo Experience 4 software version
  • Upgrade your device to TiVo Mini LUX

Tivo Article 000003751 - TiVo Experience 4 Software Version Information
Modified Date
3/1/2022 10:47 AM
TiVo Experience 4 Software Version 21.11.1.v9

Chatter in this forum said TE4 21.11.1.v8 was cancelled.

Thumbsdown x3 (probably) goes back to at least 21.11.1.v7.

Last TE3 release
Tivo Article Number 000003761 - TE3 release notes
Nov 24, 2021
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