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Opened case #10512277, cannot downgrade Mini back to TE3. Thumbs down x3 not accepted.

Frustrated as hell. I've had Tivos for 20 years, reasonably happy. Upgraded to an Edge to get 4K support. Forced one of my minis to upgrade. After using Edge for two weeks I discovered the following :
1. No ratings support. Big mistake. Thumbs were an important part of Tivo for me. Thuuz & MetaCritic are crap.
2. Switching between Edge & Mini mid-program it would forget where I was in the show.
3. No "View all recordings", always grouped by show.
4. Sluggish UI on minis.

Decided to return it, reinstall my 8-year-old-Roamio and found the "cannot roll back minis" problem. Fortunately my 2nd mini was never powered on during process to I'm still able to use one of them.
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