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I just purchased Tivo Plus and am now trying to access my DivX-encoded files via Tivo Desktop 2.5.

When I manually copy a DivX file to the MyTivoRecordings folder, I can access it no problem from my TiVo.

However, when I add a shortcut to my DivX folder, as stated in the TiVo Desktop instructions, I get a major slowdown on my computer. My TiVo server either shuts down (red X on the icon in my taskbar) or starts eating 100% of my CPU.

I've tried changing the location of my TiVo storage folder to the one where all my DivX files are stored. That didn't work either. I've also tried copying many (like ten) DivX files to the regular MyTivoRecordings folder. I was unable to access them via my TiVo.

Does anybody know if there's a limit on the number of files that TiVo can access on my PC? Or if there is a solution to my problem? I'd love to have all my DivX files viewable on my TV.

Thanks for your help.
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