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I just purchased Tivo Plus and am now trying to access my DivX-encoded files via Tivo Desktop 2.5.

When I manually copy a DivX file to the MyTivoRecordings folder, I can access it no problem from my TiVo.

However, when I add a shortcut to my DivX folder, as stated in the TiVo Desktop instructions, I get a major slowdown on my computer. My TiVo server either shuts down (red X on the icon in my taskbar) or starts eating 100% of my CPU.

I've tried changing the location of my TiVo storage folder to the one where all my DivX files are stored. That didn't work either. I've also tried copying many (like ten) DivX files to the regular MyTivoRecordings folder. I was unable to access them via my TiVo.

Does anybody know if there's a limit on the number of files that TiVo can access on my PC? Or if there is a solution to my problem? I'd love to have all my DivX files viewable on my TV.

Thanks for your help.

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I just tried this myself, and it does take quite a bit of time to load a large collection, but it does eventually load. I personally have a directory with 101 DivX/Xvid encoded AVI movies. I added a shortcut to that directory to my My TiVo Recordings folder and then launched TiVo Desktop. It took a little over 5 minutes to launch and display the list. During that time I monitored the Resource Monitor to see what was going on. For the first few minutes minutes CPU usage was relatively low, but disk access was high. Looking at the access list showed TiVo Desktop reading each individual file from the directory one by one. I'm guessing that this is where it "sniffed" each file to make sure that the audio and video were compatible with the transcoder. After it had read each file disk usage dropped and CPU usage went up to 100% on one of my cores. (this is a dual core Pentium D) I'm guessing this is where TiVo desktop determines the length of each AVI file, and organizes it along with the file name and data about which filters are needed for a successful transcode.

Unfortunately TiVo Server didn't fare so well. It appears to have some sort of built in time limit, and if it doesn't start after about 30 seconds it doesn't register with TiVoBeacon and in turn never shows up on your network. This is a pretty serious issue and needs to be fixed. However one way to get around it is to temporarily move the shortcut to your DivX moves folder to your desktop. Then launch TiVo Server, then move the shortcut back. TiVo Server will already be running, so it will avoid the time limit problem. However the bad part is that every single time you access your PC from your TiVo it will have to repopulate the list, so there will be a delay as it verifies each file again. (although TiVo Server doesn't seem to take as long as TiVo Desktop for this step, so it only takes a minute or two)

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