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Try to explain this problem with my TiVo Bolt earlier tonight...

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First, the TiVo sound effects went away. Then, one or two nights later (tonight), the TV audio stopped playing through my sound bar and was replaced with music that sounded like a radio station or someone's iTunes list (not mine). When I tried changing channels, the music only got louder. I tried the sound bar controls but they didn't do anything. The last thing I did in desperation was to unplug the back of my Bolt and plug it in again. There was a bit more fumbling with control buttons after that to get it to work, but it finally did. I got the TV sound and the sound FX back, and when I changed to one station after 7 PM Central Time, the 6:30 PM news was still playing and I had to FF to live program time. What was going on with these two things (Bolt and sound bar)? Please answer!
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I sometimes (every few months?) will have the TiVo sound effects go out on me. This often will happen when there is a burst of static sound--I assume that there has been an audio glitch/overload. What fixes it for me is to go into the TiVo box's audio settings, change the setting from PCM (my default audio setting) to Dolby, exit back to the main screen (or the My Shows screen may be enough), then go back into the audio settings again and change back to PCM.

Separately, it sounds like the 7 pm occurrence was your being thrown back into the beginning of the channel's TiVo buffer.

As to the soundbar playing extraneous audio, I sometimes have had another device (my laptop) take control of the audio on my soundbar--it seems that when something causes the TV's output to the soundbar to get interrupted, the soundbar looks for another input and finds the laptop's. I've learned--after being surprised by this a bunch of times, not knowing what sound that is and coming from where--to grab the soundbar's remote and to manually change the input back to the TV.
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