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Hello....my TCD746320 is having issues. It boots up to “Please Wait.” Stays on that screen for a few minutes and then goes to black screen for several minutes. It cycles back to “Please Wait” and does the process again. Several lights on the front panel flash right before it cycles to the black screen again.

I’ve tried a good power supply board....no luck.

Tried another Hard Drive with no luck either. However, I don’t believe it was formatted to the Tivo.

What’s next? Download the image/program and put that on the hard drive?

This same unit showed the same symptoms several years ago....and it was the power supply board.

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You have a Premiere, Series 4 and it cannot self-format drives, so it needs a model matching image placed on it. The drive also matters as the power supply cannot support drives that eats more power.

What model hard drive are you using? It cannot be a 7200+ RPM drive, creates heat, uses more power.
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