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Trouble with comcast VOIP phone and HD tivo

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I recently got my phone switched over to their comcast voip service through theri cable line. Problem is now my tivos don't have a connection to a phone line. I need a way to re route the phone line the cable modem to the tivo which is another story. Is there any tips I have tried connecting the phone line directly form the tivo to the cable/telephony modem but still no connection. Any one got any tips?


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Easiest solution is to just disconnect the phone line. The only feature you'll lose is ordering PPV movies with your remote (just order via DirecTV's web site instead). You'll get a reminder message about not making phone calls, but you can safely delete those. And if we ever see a future software update for the HR10-250, just take your Tivo to a friend/neighbor's house and initiate a phone call from there.
Thanks for the comments and I got it to see the dial tone. My other question is do those phone line over the ac outlets really work. It might solve a big rewiring headache that I might have?
Yes, they work. Just be sure to get one that specifies "modem compatible".
Why not just plug the cable phone outlet into your existing house phone wiring? Then all the jacks in the house will have a dial tone. (Assuming you do not have regular landline phone service.)
The reason is my cable comes to my office on the 2nd floor and that is where the cable/telphone modem gets hooked up. My current phone I use hooks up to this with two other bases stations that do not require to be hooked into the wall.The whole house wiring distribution center for my phones resides on a box on the 1st floor outside on the wall of my garage. Thanks for the advice though

I think you misunderstood, Just come out of the cable modem into the wall jack in your office, that in turn feeds all jacks in the house.
Could you go wireless? IMO, that trumps using a telephone line.
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