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Probably the Linux on the floppy is incompatible with the hard-ware. If you are not on Dial-Up download and try the DSL Linux Run From CD it should work with your SATA drive. Just copy the mfstools files from the MFSTools CD or download the latest version of the MFSTools executables SourceForge.net MFSTools put them somewhere on your FAT32 drive then use the full path from a DSL Linux command session to run it

Example: If from Windows you copied the mfstool's backup program to c:/MyTiVoStuff then from the DSL Linux Command Terminal if the FAT32 partition is mounted at /mnt/cdrive the TiVo drive is first channel IDE primary then the backup command would be something like /mnt/cdrive/MyTiVoStuff/backup -f 9999 -3Tso /mnt/cdrive/MyTiVoStuff/mytivo.bak /dev/hda remember that Linux is case sensitive.
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