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Trouble starting old Tivo

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I have an old Philips Series 1 Tivo that I added a hard drive and network card too. I have lifetime service on it, but I haven't used the Tivo in almost a year. I'm trying to get it to come on however it won't get past the initial start screen that says "Your receiver is starting up, please wait a moment".

When I initially plugged it in tonight I opened it up and found that the power cord was loose for one of the drives. So I unplugged it and checked all the connections. It's still just sitting on that screen though. Is it possible that it's running a check on the drives since it's been so long since they've been used?

If a drive is dead, is there anyway to bring it back to life? The drive I added is set to master, I believe I copied the data to that drive and activated it then attached the original drive on it. I don't remember exactly what I did. I believe I have a boot floppy around here somewhere for it, but it's been a number of years since I did this hack that I don't remember the steps I went through. Anybody have any ideas what I can do to recover this?
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