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I'm running a Series 2 TiVo with an approved Netgear 802.11g USB adapter. I can see the WLAN and have programed the corresponding network settings. The trouble is that with this particular Sonicwall the WLAN is on a different subnet from the LAN and the Sonicwall's WLAN interface is virtual. This means the WLAN IP address (i.e. the gateway address used by the TiVo) is a virtual address and is not pingable. The TiVo won't complete the WLAN configuration because it fails to get a reply from the gateway address.

At one point while setting this up the TiVo locked up on me and I had to hard boot it. Interestingly, it shows that it is configured properly for the wireless and it has a connection. However, when it does the nightly download it looks for a reply from the gatweway. When it fails to get one it stops trying.

Anyone know of a way to tell the TiVo to disregard whether it can ping the gateway?
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