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Transfers from S2 to Tivo Desktop No Longer Working

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I have a Series 2, a Premiere, and Tivo desktop on my PC. Have been running this way for a year with no recent changes. I like to record shows on the Series 2 and transfer them to my PC to watch them - I do this daily. All machines are networked on my home network.

Suddenly it has stopped working.

From the PC, I can transfer shows from the Premiere to my PC fine. When I try the S2, it says, "Tivo desktop is unable to contact the DVR."

From the Premiere, I can see the now playing list on the S2, select a show, and on the show's information screen if I select "Transfer" it goes to a blank screen and does nothing.

From the S2, I can browse listings on the Premier, but if I select any of the shows it comes up with a screen titled "Troubleshooting" and basically says there is an HTTP problem, to log into Tivo.com and make sure my Tivos are in the same "group."

The S2 can connect to Tivo and update itself successfully. I have rebooted all machines, a few times. I have selected and unselected the options to allow video transfers and sharing on the Tivo website (and subsequently had the Tivo connect and update these settings).

Tivo Desktop shows both DVRs and shows the correct IP addresses for both machines, but clearly, network connectivity and setup is not the issue.

I think Tivo must have updated some software that has broken this feature. Two days ago the Premiere received a software update, but this program started mid-day yesterday as I was able to transfer one show in the middle of the afternoon but not the 2nd show in the evening.

Any ideas?
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Try rebooting the Tivos.
Already did that... Rebooted the PC too.
I had transfer issues some time back.
I was trying so many things at once, I can't be 100% which fixed it, but, the main thing that I changed was to assign each TiVo (and each Mac or PC) a fixed IP address. I then set the router to only assign new numbers in a block above those. So, my Macs/PCs are, the TiVos 110-119 and router told to assign 120+
(The above numbers are no secret, this is what linksys uses by default, not sure if other brands use the same numbers for LANs.
A restart of all TiVos and the Router after that and things run fine now, no glitches in a long time.
If this helps, great, if not, no harm done.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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