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Transferring shows from a DVR-R10

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I am a newbie and apologize for my ignorance as I am sure this question has been asked numerous times.

I am running out of space and want to transfer, burn, etc., shows onto a DVD. Is the only way to do this via a DVD recorder using Tivo's "Save to VCR" option from the Program screen? If so, any suggestions on a decent DVD recorder in order to get four hours of quality video on a disc?

I know there is a USB port on the back of the R-10 but I have been told that it is disabled. Ideally this would be the best option in order to use the computer DVD burner.

Thanks for any help that is offered!
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A DVD burner (any kind will work), using the slow 1x speed 'Save to VCR' is your only option. Too bad you don't have a non-R10 unit and could then use the USB ports.

I can transfer a 1 hour show directly to my PC using USB/Ethernet in about 5 minutes.
Thanks Dkerr24. I was afraid that was my only option.

Can I actually use a DVD burner that connects to a computer or do I have to buy a DVD recorder (Panasonic, Sony, LG) that is purchased at Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.?

Looking to the future, what DIRECTV units do you recommend?

Thanks in advance for you advice/help.
You need a DVD Recorder, which can be had for as little as around $50 in Walmart now.

As for recommendations, there are no real choices here. To keep the TiVo interface, you will have to buy a used box from somewhere as they are no longer offered by D*. The only DVRs you can get direct are the R15 for SD or the HR20 for HD. Both are non-TiVo interfaces.
You can do the analog copy via a video capture device, either a card in your PC or an external USB device. Then using DVD authoring software you burn it to a DVD.
If you want to hack, get any DirecTV TiVo unit that USB, and is not the R10.

For the R10, for now, you need to record the A/V somehow. That could be with a capture card in your PC (where you could burn DVDs with a PC IDE, SATA, or USB DVD burner), or yes, get a standalone DVR recorder of some sort.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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