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Transferring Movies to Tivo

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Hi all,

When I transfer a movie from my server to the Tivo the Tivo usually tells me that it has to delete several programs early and it also says that program X, Y and Z will not be recorded.
The Tivo is telling me, based on the To Do list, that it will run out of hard drive space if I transfer this movie.
So if I transfer it, watch it, and delete it, will the Tivo then still record the shows that it said it wouldn't? Or has the Tivo written them off? :confused:

This is on my S2DT 80hr.


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It sounds like you have a lot of programs marked as KUID (Keep Until I Delete), either in the To Do List, the Now Playing List, or both...

If so, then what you're seeing is typical, because TiVo calculates used disk space based not only on existing programs, but by what programs that can be deleted from the NPL (which it cannot delete KUID programs to make room for new programs, so TiVo considers that space not available for future recordings), as well as KUID programs yet to be recorded in the To Do List.

TiVo will still record the shows in your To Do List as long as there is available room and/or programs it can delete from the NPL (that are not marked as KUID) at that time.
Thanks McChips,

I guess my main question was does the Tivo remove those shows from the To Do list when I x-fer a movie? Next time I x-fer one I'll write down what it says it will not record and see if it actually removes them from the list. What I really need to do is get a bigger drive. :D
And yes you are correct, for some reason I like the KUID, I should reevaluate that! :eek:

If the movie you transferred is not marked as KUID, which it isn't by default, then yes, it should get deleted to make room for new recordings... however, it is initially marked to be kept for two days, so that can affect TiVo's calculations of available space, as it wouldn't be deleted for the first couple of days.

And no, the programs shouldn't be removed from the To Do List (I do not believe)... I believe it is just warning you that some of the programs in your To Do List may not be recorded as a result of the transfer.

I don't use KUID, so I'd recommend what you suggested doing, and that is to make note of the items in your To Do List before and after the transfer just to be sure.

You should also be able to check the Recording History for items that no longer may be recorded as a result.
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This also has to do with the size of your season passes/wish list. A large season pass list means reserving a lot of space to record your request. So the message is saying with all you have and are requesting you don't have the space to keep shows past two days. Yes, it will record the show but it may have to delete it soon after to make room for other recordings.
Soapm said:
This also has to do with the size of your season passes/wish list.
Which is all part of the To Do List... ;)
mchips said:
Which is all part of the To Do List... ;)
Oh, my bad. Just relaying my observations.
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