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Transfer shows from PC to Tivo W/OUT Tivo Service/Subscription?

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I am hoping someone can help me. I got rid of cable months ago (Roku w/ Netflix & Hulu rules).

I have hundreds of hours of video on my PC that I like being able to stream/transfer to my Tivo (Series 2).

I also very much like being able to download a video, convert it w/ Videora, and transfer it to my Tivo.

The problem is, the Tivo desktop software will not work unless the Tivo service is detected on the Tivo box.

So I have been paying for Tivo every month just so I can transfer files to and from my PC.

It's getting pretty annoying considering the Tivo service fee is almost more than my Netflix & Hulu subscription combined.

Is there anyway to transfer video to and from a PC w/out a Tivo subscription?

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No. Network transfers are part of the subscribed features of the Tivo software.
Any way to enable transfers without subscrption, would in essenence be stealing that feature from TiVo, and this board frowns on that.
You could easily find a used S2 with lifetime service for under $200. It would pay for it self in about a year. It doesn't make sense to pay a subscription on an S2.
Why don't you just connect your computer directly to your television?

I love Tivo, but the monthly fee is insanely over-priced. Mine is only $12.95 and THAT is too expennsive. I get thousands of hours of unlimited video on my Roku from Netflix and Hulu, each for only $7.99. Why does Tivo charge so much when all they do is push a channel lineup to the box?
Why does Tivo charge so much when all they do is push a channel lineup to the box?
Because you're also paying a license fee to use the TiVo software and its features.
...Why does Tivo charge so much when all they do is push a channel lineup to the box?
As mentioned above, you're paying for more than just "a channel lineup". Here's a summary from the TiVo Service Agreement:

3. The TiVo Service.
(a) Season Pass® recording
(b) WishList® search
(c) Smart Recording
(d) TiVo Suggestions
(e) Parental Controls

3.1 Online Scheduling Feature.

3.2 Graphical Elements.
(i) schedule a recording of an advertised program;
(ii) view special video clips or other information about the advertised product or service; and/or
(iii) perform some other action.
3.3 Network-Enabled TiVo Service Features.
3.3.1 Multi-Room Viewing Feature.
3.3.2 Access to PC-Based Media.
3.3.3 TiVoToGo Feature.
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