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Thanks for bringing this topic up Tigeralum2001. I could have some information for you. I purchased a used Bolt May 28th 2016 from Amazon Used. I contacted the 3rd party and they informed me time remained on the free year service.

Once I received the Tivo Bolt June 7th 2016 and had setup everything thru CoX I also paid for the TiVo monthly service to get my programming going. I gave it a week of testing before deciding to keep the unit.

I first contacted TiVo via email to inquire about my free subscription award - and was told to call.

So at this point I contacted TiVo via phone to ask them about my free remaining time. To be fair the support representative sounded new? Or maybe it's just that I am the newbie - but when I asked the customer support agent about accessing my remaining time I was put on hold a couple times then eventually told that I could not qualify for it. The reason being that I required a "receipt?" - "paperwork?" some code validating that I had the promo?

At this point I was confused and unsure what my next step should be to reclaim my remaining promo time. I too had also read that I could buy a used TiVo Bolt and would be able to get the remaining months.

Seeing how my whole point was to save a few months $$ by buying the Bolt with the free subscription time left I pushed ahead and contacted Amazon, who then contacted the 3rd Party seller. After a few emails - the 3rd party seller emailed me on June 17th 2016 personally and told me that they had

"contacted TiVo Customer service to verify you are the new owner of the Device. They are in process of transferring the balance of the free service to you, they said they have to notify the billing dept. And have escalated the request."

That's the answer from the 3rd parties email.

Since then I've checked the TiVo.com account site everyday to see if there is a change in my account or if I will receive a notification that my free subscription time has been awarded.

In between then and now I have contacted TiVo again via phone about a separate problem (CoX on demand) which is being worked out currently to satisfaction I feel. I did ask the rep (they were awesome BTW) at the time status on my other open ticket (free sub time) and the support representative told me they are still working on it, and that it was yes, escalated.

Today's date is of course July 2nd 2016 - and ironically I contacted the Amazon 3rd Party seller just yesterday July 1st 2016 to let them know I still have not been credited for my free subscription time.

I was just reaching the point of beginning to stress on this whole issue and slightly dreading that I would have to make another call to TiVo support when I saw your post and the reply by TiVoSupport_Sarah. Not to hijack the thread, but -- indeed I should make that phone call to TiVo and ask again about the status of my remaining free subscription months it seems? If there is any additional help Sarah can shed on this subject, to speed it along, would be very much appreciated.

Anyways hope this helps you Tigeralum2001 with your purchase and provides some first hand experience with the process of buying a used Bolt with free sub time remaining. Most likely other users press harder and call/email support far more often then I - and get results sooner. But I am more patient with this type of stuff - being in the IT support industry myself I know how it can be.

Though - going almost a month now is taxing even me. :)

Oh, and hey TiVo community! First timer here - thanks for your patience with the newb. Love TiVo so far even with the minor hassles I've delt with so far.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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