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Transfer recordings from TiVo HD

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I have an old series 3 HD. My husband has several sports games recorded that he wants to keep. Does anyone know a way to transfer to a new TiVo box or another source before the HD dies. TiVo has told me there is no way as the box is too old. Help???
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The sports recordings may be copy protected, mostly if its from cable. If the drive has problems, then they can't be copied also. The Tivo must be running and on the network to be able to copy.
Start by reading through the KMTTG and PYTivo Desktop threads. As for being too old, I still transfer recordings off of my Series 2 TiVo.
Copy protection of programs varies by providers. On Comcast, I've never run into an issue copying or transferring sports programs. Also, if you are on Comcast, you may run into issues transfers programs from the Tivo HD to a PC. Since Comcast changed to Mpeg-4 broadcasts, you can only transfer from a Tivo HD to another Tivo (Premiere, Roamio, or Bolt) running TE3. I'm not sure if the original Series 3 gained that ability.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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