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Transfer Problems

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I keep having transfers getting stuck in both kmttg and Tivo Desktop. This is intermittent and has been going on for a while. I have the latest versions of both programs.

Since it's happening in both programs it must not be the programs themselves but something else. kmttg keeps running but the transfer freezes while TD gives me error msgs that the transfer failed. Also, with TD there is an initial error file at the start of every transfer, even if it then transfers properly.

I've checked that my cables are properly seated in my modem and router and I don't have any problems when streaming programs from my computer to my Tivo using Streambaby.

I'm running Win 7. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
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Are the transfers getting "stuck" (Tivo Desktop throws up a yellow triangle and says "some transfers have been interrupted"), or do the transfers seem to complete but they are not the whole recording?
The transfers are interrupted and stop, TD gives some kind of error msg.
If this were a common occurrence I would suggest to reboot your Tivo(s) along with your PC and your router.
I would suggest to shutdown each in no particular order, but restart with the router first, then the PC, then finally the Tivo(s).

But, since you say it is intermittent, is your network wireless?
Network interference from a neighbor's wireless network would not be unheard of.
If you use a wireless network, try changing the channel it operates on.
Wired network. I've rebooted and restarted everything several times.

It seems to be happening less frequently the last couple of wks with the latest ver of kmttg. I gave up completely on TD.
If you're behind a router, turn off any local firewall on your PC. If that solves the problem, then you need to exempt TD or whatever app is running (for kmttg this could be curl.exe) from the firewall.
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