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I took advantage of the upgrade offer for Bolt owners and just bought an Edge. It arrived 3 days ago and I already have some doubts that it's going to make it past the trial period. I, too, am having transfer issues between our two Bolts and the new Edge. I am trying to transfer 10 episodes of Last Man Standing. They show up in the Edge "To Do List" but they're not actually transferring to "My Shows." I also don't care for the barely visible status lights on the front of the Edge. The red recording light is useless unless the device is in a pitch black room.
cancel the transfers on the edge, then go back to TiVo online and try to transfer only one episode to see if that works. If it does, try transferring the next two episodes and see if that works. Then try three. In my experience there were issues with the process when lots of transfers were added to the ToDo list.
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