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When I upgraded to a new Bolt, I was able to use TiVo online to transfer shows from my old DVR to my new one. Currently, I only have one DVR and when I use TiVo online, Transfer is not shown on the manage page. The online documentation shows Transfer, but I'm concerned that the function was removed, and the documentation isn't correct. I'm considering an Edge but would like to transfer shows from DVR to DVR. I may get an Edge for Antenna. The documentation says some shows can't be transferred due to content owner restrictions. Would an Edge for Antenna further restrict the shows I can transfer?
You will not see the function with only one TiVo on your account. If you set up a new TiVo so that you have two, then the option will appear in a drop down and it will show both TiVos to be able to select from and to. Currently, I own two TiVos, but I have only one connected and online, so I'm seeing what you see.
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If I power up my other TiVo, To: Select box will populate and Transfer will activate.

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