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Toyota / Tivo $125 For One Year

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I just got an email from Toyota with an offer for a Tivo box plus one year of service for $125. Here is what the offer states "Get a TiVo® box plus one year of service for only $125! Enter promo code Toyota for this exclusive offer. Expires 12/15/07, while supplies last". When I follow the link it just shows an offer for 20% off Tivos for Toyota owners and regular price for service plans. I guess during checkout if you enter the promo code, it will apply the discount. Here is the link for anyone who is interested: http://dynamic.tivo.com/0.11.toyotaowners.asp
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No MSD discount. :( in part 5 of the fine print.
moolman said:
No MSD discount. :( in part 5 of the fine print.
Well, if you could get the deal as described for $125, that would be better than MSD for year one, yes?
I'll probably be getting one of those e-mails.

My question is, how do they keep it exclusive if all you have to do is enter "Toyota"?
They don't make you prove you're a Toyota owner to get the deal?

My only other gripe is that I didn't see the TivoHD in the list of choices.
I have received this email, as a ToyotaOwners member.

here's the fine print

†TiVo® Offer: Get a TiVo® 80-hour Series2™ Dual Tuner DVR plus 1 year of TiVo® service for $125. Log in to your MyToyota homepage and visit "Exclusive Perks" to order. Promo code: TOYOTA. Offer ends 12/15/07.
So, you'll have to sign in to the Toyota Owners site to take advantage of the promo. Will look into my homepage for the offer...

ETA: Tried doing a combination of clicking the buttons to select the 80hr box and toggled between pre-pay and monthly services... no dice. There wasn't an area to add a promo code. I'll try emailing ToyotaOwners about how to get the deal.
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