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Hi Folks:
I've been using the DirecTV HD Tivo STB for a few months now, and for sound I have been connecting it to an outboard DAC via the toslink digital output on the back of the STB. However, I just got a new DAC (A North Star 192), and somehow the DAC is not picking up the Toslink/digital output of the STB. I believe the DAC works fine, because I tried a CD transport with the DAC - outputting via the same toslink type output to the DAC, and all works well.

Are there some DirecTV audio settings that I need to change or might there be some other issue? I'm desperate to get this working. Otherwise, I would need to use the analog RCA connections and that introduces a lot of noise into my system :( . Please advise. Thanks in advance!!

John (a new member).
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