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Toshiba SD-H400 hard drive upgrade?

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I am planning to buy a Toshiba SD-H400 if I can also upgrade the hard drive. Can the Toshiba be upgraded?
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I ran this question by both weaknees and the folks at PTV Upgrade and they both shared that they are working on having upgrades available for this Tivo, but it is not possible to upgrade this Tivo at this time.

Seems that Tivo/Toshiba introduced some differences with this Tivo model that have not lended themselves to the presently available drive expansion utilities, thus proving this Tivo model to be a tough nut to crack.

And, in his e-mail response, weakness indicated to me that his team would likely be spending more time on developing an upgrade for this Tivo if there was more interest.

So, I'd recommend posting a reply to this thread to indicate your interest in the availability of SD-H400 drive upgrades (rather than badgering either of these groups with e-mails).

Well, that makes 3 of us.


Any more SD-H400 owners out there interested in the availability of a hard drive upgrade?
I just bought one as well. I imagine I'd be interested in the next couple months
I just bought an SD-H400 and would like to replace the 80GB drive with a 250GB drive.


- Craig
I just got one of these for X-Mas and I have put a 160GB Maxtor drive into it, All of the tools completed successfully but when it is in the TiVo, it still reports that it is 82 hours. I put the HD back into my computer and the tools report that it is 120 or so hours and there is nothing to expand.

I would love to have more space on my Toshiba SD-H400
Originally posted by CraigHB

I just bought an SD-H400 and would like to replace the 80GB drive with a 250GB drive.
Actually, cancel that. The SD-H400 I ordered from GoodGuys.com came DOA. I sent it back and got a TDC24004A from a local retailer. I upgraded it with a 160GB WD drive on sale from OfficeMax for $80. I bought a Toshiba TV with a built in DVD player instead. My TV sucked and needed to be replaced anyway.

Best of luck to you guys with the Toshiba TiVo/DVD player.


- Craig
We'll I'm definitely interested in more space on my Toshiba so lets see if that nut can be cracked!
Me too. Would probably buy a hard drive as soon as it was available.
Count me in also...I just purchased on and look forward to upgrading it...
Count me in also. Been trying to upgrade my for a couple of days now, until I came across this forum
Well this thread answered my question!

Interest in upgrading here also!!
count me in also. I got mine 3 weeks ago and loving it.
I got my unit last week.. Its awesome. I know that I will want an larger hard drive within 6 months. BTW, did anyone subscribe to Tivo Plus or lifetime subscription?
Paid the lifetime service fee after 30 days of the 45 day free trial. I was sold on the season pass and wishlist. Throw out the sunday tv guide.
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