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Toast / Streamer for remote access to Tivo recordings

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Sorry, reposting to start a new thread.
I'm trying to get Toast 10 and Streamer to cooperate and allow remote access to my converted Tivo recordings when we travel, by accessing my home iMac computer over the internet.
So far, I have been successful in converting Tivo recordings via Toast 10 and Tivo Transfer, and the shows are visible on the Streamer, and the Streamer server is running. However, when trying to access the Streamer server using streamer.roxio.com/username as the URL on the remote laptop as instructed, the URL converts to a the IP address XX.XX.XX.XX:10080.lotsofletterssymbols.username and never can open the page.
My router is configured for UPnP. I have a comcast modem in front of the router.
Any suggestions?
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Turns out, I needed to map my router to send requests to the iMac.
I managed to find the UPnP Port Forwarding settings on my router.
I configured it to forward from external port 10080 to internal port 10080, using TCP Protocol and using the IP address of the host iMac.
very happy to have finally got this working.
This should be a good way to view Tivo recordings while traveling. You can set up automatic downloading in TivoTransfer, and rendering to Streamer of your chosen Tivo programs.
The documentation suggests that you could go through the online Tivo account to schedule recordings, then Back to my Mac to set up the transfers for those programs you didn't know about that occur while traveling. I'll have to let you know after my next trip.
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