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To Do List.

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At the end of the TO DO list it lists the programmes that have no more episodes, but when you right cliick on many of these you find they can have as many as 10 up coming episodes. I have always cancelled the "no episode" list, and wondered why i miss episodes that are there all the time, i always check now before i cancel any of them.
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They're possibly old season passes and the programmes listed are almost certainly on different channels to the one the season pass was set up on.

Season passes are channel specific, but the upcoming programmes list is not.

Another explanation if the programmes are indeed on the same channel as the pass could be that the season passes have been replaced by other identical season passes. This happened to quite a few season passes a while ago when Tribune moved UK support to a European base I believe.

The only solution to these are to delete them and book new ones.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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